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How to choose a fishing rod?

Every beginner or more experienced fisherman at least once asked himself the question: "how to choose a fishing rod?" In this article, we will analyze the main types of fishing rods and their features. And so, the main types of fishing rods are spinning, a swing float rod and a rod with a feeder rod. Fishing with a spinning rod is one of the most exciting and bringing a big catch to the fisherman, but it is necessary to skillfully use a spinning rod. In order to learn the technique of spinning fishing, you will spend about one fishing season, but all efforts will pay off with interest and catching zander with rubber bait will no longer be a fairy tale. 

On the question of how to choose a spinning rod, you still need to decide on the conditions and fishing technique, which means you need to choose a spinning rod according to the length and power of the rod. There are 4 classes for this: ultralight, light, medium and heavy.  

How to choose a spinning rod in length? Here you need to rely on the area in which you will fish. If the shore is heavily overgrown or fishing will take place from a boat, then a spinning rod 1.8 - 2.1 meters long will do. For fishing with the need for long-distance casting on large reservoirs, a spinning rod from 2.7 to 3 meters is suitable.


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